Danger game-A nice Friday evening with friends

It’s nice to spend a night at home with good friends paying an interesting game that is called (translated from Icelandic) Danger game. It is a very fun and friendly game. Or maybe not.

The plot of the game is to get 25 points. To get these points you buy things that you need and want to land on and of course you want to land on your personal spot as well. But it is not as easy as that. Players can get what is called Destiny cards. With these you can stop your friends from palying that spot and you can steal their points and of course rob them blind. Then there are the incident cards, these can have everything on them. Though most often grandma comes to visit and ether gives you something or makes you give her something. The destiny cards have one that can deflect grandmas gift ( grandma gets confused and gives someone else the present you were suppose to get. There are of course rings where you can get brain cells they help you to get more points each time you land on a desired spot. These your friends can of course steal form you with their so awesome Destiny cards. Then there is the black ring there you can become and alcaholic, a smoker and then a heroin addict. You have to place you brain cells on these so you cant use them.  Then if someone hits a moon in the black circle you loose money and points if you have the addiction cards. You can go then to rehab to get rid of the bad addiction but you have to land on the red cross spot to do so or get a Destiny card or incident card to help you out.

In this game friendship can be broken or straighten  relationships have ended as well. It can take hours to finish this game where it can go forever, with everyone fighting to keep each other from getting the 25 points you need to win. But I have to say that I love this game and we had an interesting time tonight. Thankfully nothing bad happened and we all left the game in peace.

I recommend this game to everyone, it is fun and there is no end to what people think of doing while playing this game. I wonder if this game has been made in English.  If not someone should tell them to.


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