Can’t sleep so I’ll write

Now that I have started blogging it has become a certain hobby for me. I love to write and started a blog two days ago dedicated to my book that I am writing. It is a fun way to keep track of my self and to stay committed to finishing the book and all the progress will go there as well as techniques that I will learn and interesting things that I have to say about the writing experience. But a part of me still wants a space just for me. Where I can let my thoughts and opinions be heard.

Now I sit in my kitchen at 4 in the morning unable to sleep. I woke up at two and could not get back to bed. Why? I don’t know. So I decided to do this in stead. I am somewhat of a perfectionist so it took me two whole hours to choose a name and template for my blog before I could begin to write. Now that I am content with the way it looks I am not going to spoil it by trying to make it perfect in just one night. Things change over time and I will find use for more widgets and pages later when I have been blogging for some time. Though if I know myself correctly I will probably do something with it later to day when I am not writing. I just can’t keep myself from doing this. Maybe cause I find in entertaining and interesting. There is something relaxing and enjoyable about creating, even if it is only a blog page.


About anberith

A girl with big dreams and a passion about writing and reading.
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