My worst enemy-Spiders

There is nothing in this world that scares me more than spiders. Why they have to exist is beyond me. I know that they have some bigger purpose to be here other than to scare the living crap out of people, but no matter how important that may be I will never ever get used to them. 

I was comfortably sitting in my bed with my laptop planing a new blog. The third one I am starting and it has not even been a week since I started blogging. I was thinking of a name for it when I looked around my room pondering ideas when all of a sudden I see, from the corner of my eye a small dark spot on the wall, close to the floor. At first I was going to dismiss this as something that had always been there, a stain that I had gotten used to. No stain in my apartment moves thought. It took me about a quarter of a second to realize what I was seeing. In that same instant I pushed my laptop away from me and ran out of I the room. I have superhuman reflexes when it comes to running away from spiders, or any other creepy crawlers. To calm my nerves I got myself a cigarette and just stood there smoking trying desperately not to scratch at the feeling of something crawling on my body. This time I am fortunate enough not to be home alone as I ought to be at this time of day. Luckily my boyfriends brother is sleeping on our sofa. That means he gets to be the hero that safes me from torture and the inevitable fact that I would have to leave the apartment entirely.

I tried to gather the nerve to go back in and drown the bastard in hairspray but when I got close to the door I saw that the spider had crawled up the wall and was coming closer to the door. That forced me to run away from the room the second time. By this time his brother had woken up and so kindly went into the room. With a peace of toilet paper he caught spider, squishing into a ball and throwing it in the toilet. Forever removing it from my life. Thankfully.

Now my mind was unfortunately filled with spiders. His brother went to the balcony doors to have a cigarette. I of course had to join him thought I just finished mine a few minutes before. There I constantly complained about spiders, how enormously big this one had been, he just stood there and said ” Yes it was the size of a spider”. He was of course grinning at me as I stood there twitching. To me no normal spider is that big, I don’t think it matters much if it is only because of my fear that they seem so largely over sized.  Then continuing the conversation I mentioned that I would probably be seeing spiders every where I looked today. Well I could not have said that at a better time. As I looked above his head I spotted another one. Now it felt like I was willing them into existence.

The bad news for me as there is not a chance in hell that I will fall asleep in my bed this day. Where as I am a complete night owl, I usually stay awake all night and sleep through the day. No this day. I will probably be awake for at least 24 hours with my coffee as my new best friend. My bedroom I will probably not touch with a ten foot pole. Not until at least someone has thoroughly examined it for any trace of these creatures. I do how ever congratulate myself on the courage of running in there to rescue my  laptop for with out it I would suffer greatly. Now I will have to calm myself and try my best not to look for spiders in every corner.

I do say that I am happy that I did not fall asleep. The of the horror of it being there while I slept. Of it being able to crawl the walls and the ceiling and in the end fall onto the bed. I have way to vivid an imagination to keep my sanity in a situation like this. Sometimes it is a blessing but now it is a curse. Now I am going to continue what I started. My next fantastic blog and get my thoughts of this subject. Hope you have a nice spider free day.

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Danger game-A nice Friday evening with friends

It’s nice to spend a night at home with good friends paying an interesting game that is called (translated from Icelandic) Danger game. It is a very fun and friendly game. Or maybe not.

The plot of the game is to get 25 points. To get these points you buy things that you need and want to land on and of course you want to land on your personal spot as well. But it is not as easy as that. Players can get what is called Destiny cards. With these you can stop your friends from palying that spot and you can steal their points and of course rob them blind. Then there are the incident cards, these can have everything on them. Though most often grandma comes to visit and ether gives you something or makes you give her something. The destiny cards have one that can deflect grandmas gift ( grandma gets confused and gives someone else the present you were suppose to get. There are of course rings where you can get brain cells they help you to get more points each time you land on a desired spot. These your friends can of course steal form you with their so awesome Destiny cards. Then there is the black ring there you can become and alcaholic, a smoker and then a heroin addict. You have to place you brain cells on these so you cant use them.  Then if someone hits a moon in the black circle you loose money and points if you have the addiction cards. You can go then to rehab to get rid of the bad addiction but you have to land on the red cross spot to do so or get a Destiny card or incident card to help you out.

In this game friendship can be broken or straighten  relationships have ended as well. It can take hours to finish this game where it can go forever, with everyone fighting to keep each other from getting the 25 points you need to win. But I have to say that I love this game and we had an interesting time tonight. Thankfully nothing bad happened and we all left the game in peace.

I recommend this game to everyone, it is fun and there is no end to what people think of doing while playing this game. I wonder if this game has been made in English.  If not someone should tell them to.

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Can’t sleep so I’ll write

Now that I have started blogging it has become a certain hobby for me. I love to write and started a blog two days ago dedicated to my book that I am writing. It is a fun way to keep track of my self and to stay committed to finishing the book and all the progress will go there as well as techniques that I will learn and interesting things that I have to say about the writing experience. But a part of me still wants a space just for me. Where I can let my thoughts and opinions be heard.

Now I sit in my kitchen at 4 in the morning unable to sleep. I woke up at two and could not get back to bed. Why? I don’t know. So I decided to do this in stead. I am somewhat of a perfectionist so it took me two whole hours to choose a name and template for my blog before I could begin to write. Now that I am content with the way it looks I am not going to spoil it by trying to make it perfect in just one night. Things change over time and I will find use for more widgets and pages later when I have been blogging for some time. Though if I know myself correctly I will probably do something with it later to day when I am not writing. I just can’t keep myself from doing this. Maybe cause I find in entertaining and interesting. There is something relaxing and enjoyable about creating, even if it is only a blog page.

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